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Laura Rohrbeck and Thorsten Lenze are two freelance journalists from Duesseldorf. Mainly they work for a public television station in the regional program. They combine the love for the city of Duesseldorf and her curiosity to discover new sightseeing spots and events in her home city. These highlights they would like to show with the Videoguide Duesseldorf to visitors of the city. In addition to tourists, expats, new Duesseldorfers and locals should also discover via the website and ideally visit new exciting places in the city.

What to do in Duesseldorf?

The Videoguide shows what's going on in Duesseldorf. Short videos of the sightseeing spots and recurring events in the city. Attractions like the Rhine Tower, Königsallee or Old Town, events such as Japan Day, the Fun Fair or Christmas Market. Exhibitions in museums or activities like visiting Fortuna Duesseldorf football matches, ice hockey at Duesseldorfer EG or an evening at the Apollo Varieté. Tips on how to get from the airport to main station. What is the best Duesseldorf tour? Where to drink a fresh Altbier? Every Duesseldorf tourist can easily put together their own personal Top 10 in Duesseldorf.

When is fun fair?

On the detail pages you will find answers to questions such as "When was Düsseldorf founded?" (1288), "When starts Christmas Market?" (End of November) or "When is fun fair?" (Mid-July). In addition: opening times, entrance fees, directions, websites and much more.


There are filters on the homepage: What month am I in Duesseldorf? When do I have time? What interests do I have? This means that only the videos are displayed whose events are currently taking place, whose sightseeing spots are open and really relevant for the tourist.


Super handy: the map. Little time in Duesseldorf? The visitor can quickly check on the map what is in the area. What can I do from my hotel within 5 minutes? The map shows it.

Tourism in Duesseldorf

And why are we spending so much time for the whole thing? Because there are many people who come to Duesseldorf. In 2019 there were around three million guests who spent more than five million overnight stays here, and the trend is rising. Many are for shopping and for cultural reasons here. But of course also because of the sightseeing spots and events in Düsseldorf. Most of the guests come from Germany (almost three million overnight stays). Most international guests travel from the Netherlands (195,000 overnight stays), Great Britain (189,000), the USA (118,000) and the Arabic States (95,000).

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